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Pinduoduo: Everything You Need to Know About PDD, China’s Third-Biggest Ecommerce Site

The C2M model may change how we all shop.

Pinduoduo: What do you need to know?

First, just gimme the facts.

Pinduoduo user stats.
Pinduoduo sales and operating losses.

How does Pinduoduo work?

Making a purchase on PDD works a bit like this:


Wait, this doesn’t sound all that new

So, where does ‘social commerce’ fit into this?

Rather than seeing WeChat as a broadcast medium for ads, PDD identifies demand-side network effects to make their platform more attractive.

How much can you save on PDD?

PDD has just announced a $7 billion investment in rural China over the next five years, to create a “new infrastructure” for online retail and agricultural products.

How does Pinduoduo work with manufacturers?

Sounds great. So, who’s going to copy it first?

But what about in other countries?

To say the difference is stark is an understatement.

The main challenge for Pinduoduo lies in sustaining this advantage when its rivals inevitably ape the customer-to-manufacturer model.

Author of the world-famous I used to be with it, but then they changed what ‘it’ was.

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